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I'm sailing awaaay....

In all seriousness, Captain Borse orders every sheet put out, best possible speed as darkness falls. In conversation, I learn they've run the blockade a dozen times this year. We keep ourselves quiet in the dark, and a sharp lookout for the enemy. I spot five low ugly shapes in the shadows, being the guy with superhuman vision and tell the Captain to steer clear. *roll* We almost slip by, but a thick cloud of smoke from the nearest ship triggers a coughing fit in the in the crew, and they heard that.

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Welp. This is not good.

Some kind of projectile passes just between the masts, and I have to throw myself to the deck. The other ironclads, fortunately, are slow to turn and none can bear their guns before we're well out of range. Still, they're probably going to catch us up eventually. We depend on the wind as they do not.

Or, maybe they won't break up the blockade to chase us, after a couple of hours with no sightings, we seem to be in the clear. So I show the captain his new and improved orders.

Two days and nights through rough seas and we hit a thick fog and a still silence broken surprisingly around noon by a sudden shoal of carp slapping against the hull. Huh, that reminds me of stories I used to hear about the Xargath, an enormous sea serpent that followed groups of carp like this.... I'm about to fight one, aren't I?

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The lookout suddenly cries out 'Xargath!' the rest of the crew take up the cry as the monster's head rears from the water. There's a general scramble to bring up billhooks and man the ballistae as it tears into the ship with it's claws.

I pull the Dagger of Vashna and leap aside as it strikes. Hard enough to shatter the deck and get it's head stuck in. Time to get to work.

XARGATH: CS- 10 END- 100, Immune to mindblast. Combat ratio is 19.

Round 1. *roll* 4! 12/2 88/30
Round 2. *roll* 1! 9/3 79/27
Round 3. *roll* 4. 12/2 67/25
Round 4. *roll* 8! K/0 0/25

The beast pulls it's head free just long enough to let out an ear-shattering death scream before sinking back into the sea. Convenient that, saves us a lot of time and effort on cleanup.

The crew is staring at the point of sea in horror, the wounded are moaning. I find Borse, incoherent with shock and hurt bad, at the very least both legs are broken. Hi blood pressure is dangerously low, but since I have mad Kai skills, I'm able to stabilize him. The Captain regains himself long enough to put his first lieutenant, a man called Davan, in charge and order him to get me to my destination at any cost. And he gives me a key to his chest and inside I find a masterwork Bronin mail vest (+ 3 CS, +1 END) and two enchanted silver bracers (+2 CS). The mail can be worn with a leather gambeson, but not my chain mail. It involves a sacrifice of 1 END, but with use of the Sommerswerd restricted, I need all the CS I can get. And hopefully I can run across a gambeson in my travels to stack for more health than I started with.

Borse passes out before I can thank him. So, taking stock with Captain Davan. We've lost half the crew, the mainmast, sails are shredded and there's a hold extending from about a sixth of the deck, to a couple of feet above the waterline. Davan confirms my initial thoughts, we can patch the hole, bring out the reserve sails, and run her on a skeleton crew, but the first storm is gonna finish us. We spend two days becalmed and fixing the ship.

We head for the shoreline, to gives us at least a chance if anything happens, and sight land just before we spot the enemy. Two of the Darklords' ironclads.

We try to outrun them, but the weather gauge is against us, and those steamers care nothing for the wind. Luckily, instead of blowing us away with their cannon, they choose to close and board us, one of the far ahead of the other. *cracks knuckles* Let's do this.

DRAKKARIM MARINE: CS- 23 END- 27, cannot use bow due to speed. No resistance to Mindblast means my effective CS is back to 37, as if I were using the Sommerswerd. Combat ratio is 14.

Round 1. *roll* 8! K/0 0/31

I finish that quickly, and rush to Davan, who is being pressed by three of them. I kill two from behind with one sweep, and distract the third so Davan can take him. Together we fight our way to the aftercastle, where the main thrust seems to be trying to seize the helm.

At the foot is a guy with a studded leather skull mask, spiky shoulder pads and a red ax. He must be the guy in charge then. He says... *Checks MM companion* "Cut... me.. you... head... and... drink... me you... blood." Given the simplified Giak grammar, I interpret this as "I'll cut off your head and drink your blood." That'll be the day.

DRAKKARIM MARINE SERGEANT: CS- 26 END- 30 Combat ratio is 11 with mind blast.

Round 1. *roll* 2. 10/2 20/29
Round 2. *roll* 3. 11/2 9/27
Round 3. *roll* 3. 11/2 0/25

The rest of the boarders stop and stare a moment as their leader falls. I take advantage by bum-rushing them, killing half a dozen and almost making the wheel before Davan calls out "Archer, above and behind!" Yep, a Drakkarim has made it up into the rigging and is pointing an arrow my way. I mostly dodge, the arrow ricochets off my sword and grazes my scalp (END 22). The second arrow is nowhere close, now that I'm on guard. The third shot is spoiled as two of his friends rush me in a melee and get killed without even initiating combat. One has a dagger I pluck from his belt and casually throw into the archer's heart.

Now the stern is clear, I take the wheel and try to steer us clear before the second ironclad can ram us. We're hooked, and I fail. Shaking impact, and here comes the second wave of boarders, their leader rushes me.

DRAKKARIM MARINE OFFICER: CS- 27 END- 38 Combat ratio is 10.

Round 1. *roll* 2. 9/3 29/21
Round 2. *roll* 9! K/0 0/21

His men falter a moment, then rush me eager for vengeance.

DRAKKARIM MARINES: CS- 29 END- 40. Gonna use the psi-blast now to keep combat ratio 11.

Round 1. *roll* 7! 18/0 32/20
Round 2. *roll* 3! 11/2 21/18
Round 3. *roll* 5! 14/1 7/16
Round 4. *roll* 3. 11/2 0/13

For a moment, I pose for a heavy metal album atop the heaped bodies of my enemies. But only a moment, as the ship suddenly lists to starboard. Davan runs by to confirm that yes, the ship is sinking. He gives the call for all hands to abandon ship. I pause to search bodies. Fat lot of good it does me, the Drakkarim have a bunch of weapons I can't carry or use, rope which I already have, and the officer has a magic chainmail identical to the one Borse gave me, and a pouch of, *sniff* are those Agdana leaves? They are!

If you don't remember, Agdana is this world's greatest combat stimulant, gives a hefty one-time bonus, but is highly addictive. Taking it means having to make a high-risk save to escape addiction and the permanent loss of 4 END. I threw this stuff out once before because it didn't seem worth it, and that still applies.

So then I leap overboard. Davan assures me Borse was in the area the second ship hit us and could not have survived. All around men from both sides are throwing themselves into the sea while the two Drakkarim ships are trying to get free and not be dragged down by the Intrepid.

But I land not in the sea, but hard (END 11) on the deck of one of the ironclads. Before I can find a railing a sailor rushes me with a billhook. Popeye, I am in no mood for your garbage today.

DRAKKARIM SAILOR: CS- 19 END- 24, -4 CS for first two rounds unless you have Huntmastery (I do) for the surprise. Combat ratio is 18.

Round 1. *roll* 3. 11/2 13/8
Round 2. *roll* 4. 12/2 1/6
Round 3. *roll* 9! K/0 0/6

Great timing with that last one. Ah well.

The force of my killing blow sends the body skidding across the deck and into his buddy, racing to assist, hard enough to knock that sailor into the sea. Nobody else notices through the din and all the choking smoke, so I make my way towards the wheelhouse to see if I can cause some misfortune. I almost get whapped in the face when a door opens suddenly and three Drakkarim charge up onto the deck, but I again kill them in moments without having to roll once. I try to head in the door and down the stairs, but there's a great ruckus of people rushing up my way in the dark, so I use up a fireseed (2 remain) as an improvised flash-bang and rabbit back up to the deck.

Beyond the wheelhouse is the single oversized deck-cannon. Two Drakkarim are loading the gun while another Drakkarim in silver braid, their captain is waving and yelling orders. He's gong to fire on the survivors in the water! Don't have a bow so I rush them instead, and kill the captain and one gunner in my surprise round before the second engages.

DRAKKARIM GUNNER: CS- 19 END- 25, combat ratio is 18, my END is back up to 11 (healing is best power).

Round 1. *roll* 9! K/0 0/11

I can hear a lot of yelling. I guess my friends below or my wanton murder have alerted the crew. They're coming, lots of them.

Struck by inspiration, I swivel the gun and as a dozen Marines charge out of the smoke, they find themselves looking down a really big barrel. With a cheery wave and a call of "Death to the Darklords!" I pull the important looking lever up top and a little to the side.

I take out the Drakkarim, the wheelhouse behind them, and apparently the magazine because the last thing I remember is a flash and a tremendous impact.

I are smart.


I wake apparently at least an hour later, floating on a bit of debris from the ship. I can just see the other ironclad on the horizon, and land is but a couple hundred yards away. As I paddle up, my telescopic Magnakai vision spots a patrol of Giaks on the shore about a mile away, hauling bodies out of the surf and stabbing them. I'm going to paddle a ways away from them.

Disaster, monsters, battle, shipwreck with no other survivors. All in all, a typical sea voyage for Lone Wolf.

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Aehriman plays Lone Wolf: Grandmaster (2024)
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