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Alex’ Projects ► Little Navmap 3.0.4 released (2024-03-11, 13:00)

Direct Download

► Windows 64-bit Installer (MSFS and X-Plane) - LittleNavmap-win64-3.0.4-Install.exe
► macOS -
► Linux (64 bit, based on Ubuntu 22.04) - LittleNavmap-linux-22.04-3.0.4.tar.gz

Other Versions:

► Windows 32-bit Installer (only for FSX and P3D) - LittleNavmap-win32-3.0.4-Install.exe
► Linux (64 bit, based on Ubuntu 20.04 for Debian or older systems) - LittleNavmap-linux-20.04-3.0.4.tar.gz

Zipped Windows releases without installer are available in the alternative download locations below or from the release assets at GitHub - Little Navmap Releases - Version 3.0.4 (scroll down to Assets).

Alternative Download Locations - Look into sub-folders for beta, development or release candidates:

Alternative Download Locations


This is a stable release of Little Navmap which fixes several bugs and addsimprovements as well as new features.

Notable changes: Direct to waypoint function, search refined and simplified,convert procedure to waypoints for editing, route description using runways and approaches,load and save aircraft trail as GPX, search in options dialog window, hints in options,wind in runway and procedure selection, install Little Xpconnect from menu Tools,crash and issue reports, colored aircraft trail and more.

Also update Little Navconnect and Little Xpconnect if you’re using one of them.Little Navmap will show a notification dialog if you use an outdated version of Little Xpconnect.You can update and install Little Xpconnect from the menu Tools in Little Navmap now.

Little Navmap will show a reminder to reload the scenery library databases to get improvements.

macOS users: Keep in mind that you have to clear the quarantine flag when updating Little Xpconnect. SeeClearing the Quarantine Flag on macOS.

The updated online user manual is available here:Little Navmap - User Manual.

See here for user manual downloads:User Manuals - Stable Releases.

A big thank you to all who reported bugs and issues!

Changes from 2.8.12 to 3.0.4

See below for changes from 3.0.3.rc1 to 3.0.4.

User Manual and FAQ

  • Frequently asked questions updated.

  • Revised the user manual. Added more tips, hints and screenshots.
  • User manual is updated for all new functions. All help buttons and links point to the right chapters.
  • Added sub-menu User Manual - Helpful Chapters with important help links in main menu.
  • Removed offline PDF manual in program and installer. You can download the user manual in PDF and otherformats from the page User Manuals. This page is also linkedfrom the menu Help -> Download User Manuals.

Map Display and Map Context Menu

Flight Plan Route Description

User Interface

New Menu Items

Aircraft Trail


Changed Search



  • Updated Italian translation by Flavio Borgna.
  • Updated translation for Brazilian Portuguese by Ricardo Vitor.
  • Updated French translation by Patrick.
  • Updated German translation.

Flight Plan

  • Added direct to function to all related context menus in flight plan table, map and search resulttable. This function is only enabled if you are connected to a simulator. You can select a directto any waypoint ahead of the active leg, the destination airport or an alternate airport.Furthermore you can direct to any position, navaid or airport which are not a part of the flightplan. Using Direct to adds a waypoint PPOS (present position) at the aircraft location and adirect line to the clicked position.
  • Added function to convert procedures into a list of waypoints. Right click on a procedure leg inthe flight plan table or the map display and select Convert to Waypoints. A warning will be shownto indicate limitations of the conversion. After converting you can edit the procedure waypointslike any other flight plan waypoint list.
  • Added preferred runway indication in departure and destination runway selection dialog window.This is based on the selection in menu Weather -> Airport Weather Source and shows the bestrunways for wind and the used weather source. Also showing head and crosswind for each runway inthe selection table.
  • Less important columns are now hidden in the flight plan table per default. You can bring theseback in the flight plan table context menu item Flight Plan Table Display Options or in the mainmenu Tools -> Flight Plan Table Display Options.
  • Added calibrated magnetic declination at a VOR or real magnetic declination at a waypoint toflight plan table. This is disabled per default. Enable it in main menu Tools ->Flight Plan Table Display Options
  • Now checking altitude restrictions correctly against airways considering the climb and descentphase of a flight plan. Clearing airways in flight plan leg if they conflict with restrictions inclimb or descent after flight plan calculation to avoid errors.
  • Added button to dialog windows Select Departure Runway and Select Destination Runway toquickly jump to the procedure search tab showing departure or arrival and approach procedures.
  • An invalid departure and/or destination airport is now allowed when loading a flight plan. Thealtitude at departure and destination points is only assigned if GLOBE elevation data is installedand active.
  • Corrected wrong indications for flight plan having only one airport as is useful for patternwork. Fixed wrong departure indication. Now showing airport as destination as well as distance andtime for single point plans.
  • Removed wrong indentation in print and HTML flight plan. More cleanup in HTML export andprinting. Made header smaller. #1054
  • Moved distance and time section in flight plan header up to general data. Added underline asseparator in flight plan table header below distance and time section.
  • Now showing a warning message if the departure parking spot of a flight cannot be found afterloading or switching simulator databases.
  • User interaction fixes in flight plan table. Now avoiding unwanted centering of navaids due tofollow selection while editing flight plan. Fixed cursor positioning when editing flight plan.
  • Fixed issues with wrong error messages for runway mismatches. The logic is now more tolerant forairports where renamed runway numbers do not match exactly the runways in the navigation data dueto magnetic drift.
  • Now trying to find a cruise altitude which does not violate restrictions if it cannot be loadedfrom a flight plan or if the plan has an invalid cruise altitude. This applies to all planswhich are loaded manually by an user. The change can be undone to revert to the previouslyinvalid cruise altitude.
  • Fixed issue where PLN, FMS or other imported flight plan files were wrongly overwritten in LNMPLNformat in some cases.
  • Now assigning runway automatically for STAR and approaches to avoid error messages about runwaymismatches. This means that a selected STAR runway changes automatically to the one used by anewly selected approach if the STAR allows multiple runways.The runway of a multi-runway STAR will also be automatically selected for an approach runwayalready inserted avoiding the runway selection dialog. Error messages remain if a STAR does notallow runways for a selected approach or vice versa.
  • Fixed issue where no departure runway could be selected if a plan consisted of only one airport.This can happen when starting to build a flight plan and left menu items in context menus disabled.
  • Better transition detection now when importing MSFS PLN files. Using last STAR waypoint or lasten-route waypoint to automatically find a matching approach transition.
  • Fixed wrong distance calculation for procedure leg sequence intercept, initial fix and following legs.This resulted in wrong distance, time and ETA calculations as well as a wrong elevation profile.Example: EFVA via AXUTI and I16-Y.
  • Added option to adjust text size for tab ‘Flight Plan Remarks’ in options on page Display and Text.
  • Added text size option for flight plan table header text in options on page Display and Text.
  • Replaced degree sign ° in MSFS flight plan export with * to avoid issues on computers withAsian locale.
  • More usability improvements.

Flight Plan Route Description

  • Now reading and optionally writing departure runway and approach procedure/runway to and fromATS strings.You can disable this in the dropdown menu button of the Flight Plan Route Description byselecting Write Runway and Approach instructions.Examples: EDDK/06 NVO1K NVO Q760 INLAR T853 LMA EDDL/LMA.I05R (approach ILS 05R viaLMA) GCLA/36 TFS3T TFS GCTS/TES2.I07-Y (depart from runway 36 using SID TFS3T) andKSFO/01R DCT BAART R464 BITTA KAENA2 PHNL/BOOKE.R04L (approach RNAV 04L via BOOKE).This allows to share a complete flight plan by just using the route description.
  • Logbook entries now use the detailed format including runways and approaches for route description.
  • Moved less used menu items to sub-menu Advanced in drop down button menu inFlight Plan Route Description dialog window.
  • Fixed route description to recognize a STAR which is equal to waypoint after an airway.Example: RJAA OOITA Y40 KAZMA RJFT resulted in No waypoint after airway Y40.KAZMA is STAR as well as a waypoint ending airway Y40. Now adding STAR to plan for these cases.
  • Improved altitude correction after reading flight plan description without altitude designation.Now using lowest possible altitude depending on airway and procedure restrictions if present.Otherwise falls back to defaults for 10000 ft when using VFR or 20000 ft for IFR. Adjust in theflight plan table as needed.
  • More fixes and improvements.

Flight Plan Export

  • Added export, loading and appending of an aircraft track from and to a GPX file in main menuFile -> GPX Exchange Format. GPX track is centered after loading if enabled in options on pageFiles.
  • Moved GPX export to category Garmin in multiexport.
  • Fixed wrong altitude in route section for GPX export. Now using calculated altitudes as shown inelevation profile. #1053
  • Corrected export of .txt flight plans where STAR keyword was missing in some cases. Thisaffected JarDesign and Rotate MD-80 aircraft.
  • Added warning for invalid VFR flights plans when exporting a VFR plan to MSFS wrongly using airwaysand procedures.
  • Fixed issue where export did not stop when answering No in warning dialog.
  • Now prefixing one digit runway numbers with zero for X-Plane FMS export to avoid issues whenloading into the GPS or FMS.
  • Now writing field ICAOIdent for userpoints in FSX/P3D flight plan export to fix userpoint displayin GPS.
  • Fix for PLN flight plan export in MSFS where transitions were not loaded by the simulator due to amissing waypoint. Example: EDDV, using STAR NIE27 and approach NIE.I27RY or approach SAS.I27RZ.Same fix for loading without STAR.
  • Fix for missing airport ident for waypoints in PLN flight plan export for FSX/P3D.


  • Added ARINC procedure type like I13R or R12 in brackets for approaches in theprocedure search tree. The ARINC type and procedure ident can now be searched.DACNA (R06) will be found when entering DAC or R06, for example.
  • Better indication for number of transitions in procedure search using clear text instead ofthe misleading T.
  • Added preferred runway indication in procedure search top label based on selection in menuWeather -> Airport Weather Source. This shows the best runways for wind and the used weathersource. Also showing head and crosswind components for approach procedures in procedure treebased on Airport Weather Source.
  • Fixed issue where runway filters were missing in some cases in procedure search.Example: KIAD and runway 30 where the runway has only SID and STAR but no approaches.
  • Corrected a problem where procedures could not be found in Navigraph database for airports thathad moved. Examples are GAKL and DAUU in MSFS.
  • Now considering airport ident when resolving procedure leg fixes to work around invalid duplicatewaypoint names in a region. This is to avoid malformed procedures.
  • Added warning message if procedure runways cannot be not found for simulator airport. This meansthat runways from navigation data do not match runways of the simulator airport data. You canupdate the navigation data or update or install an add-on airport to fix this. Procedures can stillbe used for such airports since Little Navmap uses a best guess to cross reference simulatorrunways. As a result you will see slightly differring runway numbers in portions of the program.

Map Display

  • Option to use color or black and white gradients for aircraft trail indicating flown altitude.Enable this in options on page Map Aircraft Trail. The gradient is also used in the elevationprofile and logbook trail preview. #97
  • Added tooltips for aircraft trail and logbook trail preview. Enable this function in option onpage Map Tooltips and Clicks.
  • Trail points are now created dynamically depending on aircraft flight path to save trail points andget better map display performance. As a result, the trail points are not evenly spaced.
  • Add-on airport display has changed and now adheres to airport filters instead of forcing analways-on display. Add-on filter now only overrides zoom settings and not filters. This means youcan hide all add-on airports having a Soft Surface, for example.
  • Added option to define distance of departure leg when adding airport traffic pattern.
  • Fixed incorrect airport filter No procedure which omitted airports in some cases. ExamplesEDFQ, EDGS, EDME and EKSN with MSFS and Navigraph in mixed data mode. #1055
  • Added function Select Leg in Flight Plan in map context menu More or for eachclick on a flight plan leg if enabled in options on page Map Tooltips and Clicks. This willhighlight a flight plan leg in the table if you click on the waypoint in the map.
  • Added option to hide alternate airports and related flight plan legs in menuView -> Show alternate Airports or on toolbar.
  • ILS are now shown or hidden depending on related airport visibility as selected in the airportfilter on the toolbar or in main menu View -> Airports to have less clutter on the map.
  • Added new airspace styles by Michael Schuster. Thank you a lot for your help!
  • Map colors and styles are embedded in the program. You can still add a filelittle_navmap_mapstyle.ini to the settings folder to override the default styles. Yourcurrent little_navmap_mapstyle.ini is automatically backed up on first start after updatingLittle Navmap.
  • Fixed performance issues when drawing airway and other rotated text labels on Windows whichresulted in jerky map movement with airways or ILS visible.
  • Now disabling font anti-aliasing for all labels when moving map to get a smoother movement.
  • Now using FreeType as font engine for better text labels and better performance on Windows.Rotated texts are better readable now. You can disable this in options on page Display and Text.
  • Added airspace labels. Note that labels might still overlap. Disable the labels orlimit airspace display to improve map display performance if you see jerky map movement.
  • Airspace label options added to options dialog on page Map Labels in branch Airspaces.
  • New option for airspace transparency and boundary line thickness on options page Map Display.These options are combined with styles in little_navmap_mapstyle.ini if this file is present.
  • Added option for filtering out FBZ (flight buffer zone) and multiple code Z airspaceson page Map Display in section Airspaces. This is on per default and reduces clutter. #1047
  • Added text size option for airspaces on options page Map Display section Airspaces.
  • Fixed issue where large airspaces near anti-meridian disappeared.
  • Improved placement of flight plan text labels to minimize overlap.
  • Fixed missing COM on online center previews. #625
  • Now drawing transparent surfaces in X-Plane as light gray for airports with wrong surfacedefinitions.
  • Colors for apron, runway and other surfaces can now be changed in little_navmap_mapstyle.ini.#1059
  • Added length in NM and ft or Meters to measurement line tooltips.
  • Improved labels on parking spots on the map. Now replacing known keywords like Gate andothers with first word character like G 1 for Gate 11.
  • Changed default map darkening when using style from menu Window -> Style -> Dark to alighter value. You can adjust this in options on page Map in section Map Display Options.
  • Fixed issue where internal cache was not cleaned when switching databases resulting in wrongnearest airport with procedure indications.
  • Improved taxiway labels and increased number of labels.
  • Better airspace matching for online airspaces. You can load the filesfirboundaries.json andtraconboundaries.json into theLittle Navmap user airspace library to get more real boundaries for VATSIM online centersinstead of the generic circles. #490
  • The empty airport display option is now disabled per default on new installations to avoidconfusion with wrongly labeled 2D airports in X-Plane 12.
  • Adjusted display of navaids for better visibility on dark maps like CARTO Dark Matter orMapbox Dark.
  • More map display improvements.

Map Display Themes

  • Better error messages about map theme conflicts showing clickable links to files.
  • Added new map theme Stadia StamenTerrain requiring an API key since StamenTerrain is discontinued.Delete the old StamenTerrain files in your map themes folder which can be seen in options onpage Cache and Files or in the installation folder .../Little Navmap/data/maps/earth to avoiderror messages when starting Little Navmap.
  • Updated installer to remove the now unsupported StamenTerrain map theme on update to avoiderror messages.
  • Added a reject list for map themes. You will see a warning for broken and discontinuedmap themes. Uninstall these to silence the warning.
  • Added MapBox Dark and MapBox Light map themes. Note that you need a free MapBox account and an API keyto use these.

Elevation Profile

  • Elevation profile settings are reset now and have to be re-adjusted.
  • Now deleting aircraft trail in elevation profile on takeoff to avoid a cluttered profile display.This does not affect the trail on the map display which is independently stored.
  • Added optional display of vertical speeds to elevation profile header. You can enable this in theprofile context menu or in the main menu Tools -> Elevation Profile Display Options in branchHeader Line.
  • Fixed issue with wrong error message that kept the program from building the elevation profile.Example: Approach I29-Z via PLADE at MMGL.
  • Missing PAPI in profile fixed when last procedure leg is a short circle-to-land.Example: EGPF via GOW and D23.
  • Fixed inaccuracy where highlight point differed from center position and was sometimes hiddenwhen using Follow on map in the elevation profile.


  • Better text formatting in airport runway and procedure information. Added separator line forrunways and procedures.
  • Made more important fields in aircraft progress bold and large for better visibility whileflying: Heading, wind and pressure.
  • Fixed issue where airports having procedures were not loaded properly in airport tab Nearest.


  • Added search function to options dialog on the top left. Search reduces the visible pages to theones containing the search text. Matching labels and buttons are highlighted on each page.
  • Reorganized options dialog and moved some options to new pages.
  • Better error checking for theme path in options dialog to avoid accidental selection of the stocktheme folder.
  • Added hints prefixed with a light bulb in the options dialog pointing to other related settings.Some hints contain a link which directly opens the related page. Bold text is still an importantnote like Restart required.
  • Extended minimum and maximum line widths and text sizes that can be set in options dialog formap features.
  • Now removing leading and trailing white space from URLs in options to avoid issues with wronguser input. #1089
  • New option to enable or disable the FreeType font engine on Windows on options on page Display and Text.Enabling this results in better and faster text display on the map, especially for rotated labels.But the text will appear slightly blurred throughout the whole application. Deselect this toavoid the blurred text in menus and application windows.


  • Added combined search field for airport idents and names (ICAO, FAA, city, name and others)using partial match for quick search. Separate search fields are still available. The same rules asmentioned in the point below apply.
  • Completely reworked search functions for all search tabs. Now looking for partial text matchesper default in all input fields instead of requiring stars as wildcards. This means that a searchterm of Chicago will find Gary Chicago as well as KORD. EDDE will find Erfurt-Weimar (EDDE)as well as Wedderburn. Stars * act as wildcards and double quotes " force an exact search.You can also enter a space separated list of names or idents and Little Navmap will show theresults for each name.
  • Search option fields selected from context menu using include/exclude are now openedautomatically to avoid confusion. This applies to the Show in search function in themap context menu.
  • Modified search fields hidden from the dropdown button menu (three-lines-button) are now ignoredwhen searching.
  • Now using better indications in the dropdown menu items. (changed) shows that an option isused and visible to the user. (changed, not used) indicates a changed option is ignoredsince the related fields are hidden from the dropdown menu button.
  • Corrected broken sort order of numerical columns when using distance search #1060
  • Fixed search to allow usage of underscore (_) and percent (%) as literals in search terms.Note that these are not used as wildcard characters like in SQL.
  • Added option to preview the entries to be deleted when using the cleanup function in theuserpoint and the logbook search.
  • Fixed date and time stored in wrong format after editing a logbook entry. This resulted in awrong sort order when sorting by time in the logbook table. Now storing local real time withtimezone offset. Log data with wrong local real time and missing timezone is now corrected tocurrent timezone offset. #1057
  • Fixed crash that appeared when importing logbook entries or userpoints a second time.


  • Now also searching for ICAO code instead of internal ident for METAR reports when using X-Planeto avoid missing airport weather reports.
  • Now ignoring empty GRIB files from the X-Plane weather folder.

Scenery Library

  • Additional scenery folder added in options on page Scenery Library Database is now readrecursively for all simulators. This means that you can use sub-directories to organize youradd-ons.
  • Hints about encrypted airports and others can now be skipped (Do not show hints again ...)after loading a scenery library database.
  • Now excluding all navaids in detected Navigraph update when reading scenery library of MSFS. Thisspeeds up the loading time by skipping unused data.
  • Fixed issues with moved or updated airports in MSFS when reading scenery library.
  • Doubled number of airspace arc and circle segments for more display accuracy for all simulators.
  • Fixed wrong calculation for airport rating which did not update add-on airports in some casesfor MSFS, FSX and P3D.
  • Deleting duplicate navaids now by region, ident and position. This allows to update frequency ortype for VOR and NDB on P3D or FSX by add-on.
  • Wrongly built MSFS airports like the Microsoft MKJS now keep their procedure information despitetrying to override it with an empty procedure set. #1085
  • Updated database version to 14.28. The version is shown in the dialog window Load Scenery Libraryas Database Version. The current version assigned by Little Navmap is shown as Program Version.Little Navmap will show a reminder to reload scenery library databases.
  • The program now checks for obsolete database versions. You need at least a version later than 14.24to avoid crashes. Little Navmap will show a notification dialog on startup where it offers toerase and reload the outdated database.
  • Added new approach markings for XP12.
  • Fixed wrong language settings used to load MSFS database on first startup. Now always using thelanguage set in options by the user.

Navigraph Navdatabase

Note that these changes were first published in AIRAC cycle 2402 and need an updated Navigraph navdatabase.

  • Runways marked as closed are now shown as such when using mode Use Navigraph for all Features.
  • Airport patterns now correctly marked as not available.
  • Runways having one end closed are now positioned correctly. This also resulted in misplaceddeparture procedures even when using Use Navigraph for Navaids and Procedures. Example: EDDF runway 18.
  • Fixed issue where circular airspace arcs resulted in self crossing polygons and thus in wrongtext placement.

User Interface

  • Split toolbars into smaller sections and reorganized toolbar buttons for a more logical order.The smaller toolbars can now be better arranged to user needs.Note that the initial state after the update is not defined. You either have to re-arrangethe toolbars manually or use the function in main menu Window -> Reset Window Layout to Defaultwhich also resets the toolbar layout to default.
  • Added new main menu Search for quick access to most used search functions.
  • Moved toolbars and dock window actions in menu Window to sub-menus.
  • Now compacting status bar fields after timeout if the mouse cursor is not inside the map (nocoordinate display).
  • Fixed issue where not all toolbars were resized on macOS when changing size in options.
  • Changed dock window menu items and tool buttons as well as shortcuts to have same order asdock windows clockwise.
  • Updated all message dialogs to make text in dialog boxes selectable by mouse click andright-click context menu. Text can now copied and pasted from all message boxes. No needto make screenshots since text can simply be copied.
  • Renamed user interface style Night to Dark.
  • More improvements for user interface font changes, dark mode and style windowsvista.
  • Fixed bug where cleanup did not work properly in logbook and left over logbook entries which couldnot be removed.
  • Added menu item in Tools -> Files and Directories ->Show GLOBE Offline Elevation Data Installation to open the GLOBE installation folder.
  • Added more clickable blue links for files and folders in information, warning or question dialog windows.These either open a file in the default program or open a file manager like Windows Explorer orApple Finder showing the file or directory selected.
  • Opening and selecting files in system file manager when clicking on links in dialogs. This is nowworking for Linux and macOS too.
  • Assigned shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Shift+W to Reset Window Layout to Default to restore the main window ifLittle Navmap is hidden or off-screen after starting.

Crash and Issue Report

  • Added functionality to automatically generate a crash report on startup. Little Navmap will showa notification dialog if it detects an improper shutdown of the last session, i.e. a crash. You canthen choose to skip loading last used files such as the flight plan or window layout which may have causedthe crash. A Zip file with all important settings and other files is created and can be shown byclicking the blue link in the dialog. Upload this file to a platform and send me the link(Contact) so I can try to reproduce theissue. Note that there is no need to collect the log and other files for a bug report now. Thefiles optionally skipped on loading are: Flight plan, aircraft performance, all search terms,information content, aircraft trail, window layout and KML files. No user files are modified or removed.
  • You can create an issue report manually by selecting main menu Tools ->Create an Issue Report to get a Zip file containing all relevant files needed to reproduce a problem.


  • Fixed various issues when using Windows UNC paths (file share names like \\server\share\path).
  • Windows installer now removes portable execution script Little Navmap Portable.cmd since this cannotbe used with the installer. Download one of Zip archives of Little Navmap to use the portable mode.
  • Enabled IPv6 for remote connections to Little Navconnect.
  • Removed command line option -s (--settings-directory). Use -p (--settings-path) instead which useseither the full path or a path relative to the application executable.
  • Fixed settings like high DPI mode not read when using command line options to relocate the settings folderlike it is used in portable mode.

Web Server

  • Enabled IPv6 for web server and added additional IPv6 addresses to display.
  • Fixed additional map theme not used on web server map which was stuck to OpenStreetMap.
  • Removed display of loopback or localhost devices in options on page Web Server which are notaccessible from other computers on a local network. This is now added only if no otheraddress was found, i.e. no network interfaces like Wi-Fi or Ethernet available.
  • Fixed issues where the web server map reverted back to the Atlas map theme when using external mapthemes.
  • Fixed a deadlock resulting in program freeze in HTTP server. This appeared when shutting down withparallel incoming web requests.
  • Corrected excessive logging in HTTP server which could cause stutters in simulators.
  • Document root folder change in options on page Web Server is now handled correctly.
  • Better error checking and display for wrong document root folder in options on page Web Server.
  • Fixed creating of unwanted registry entries in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\ABarthel\Little Navmap.HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\ABarthel and all sub-keys are now removed when starting Little Navmapafter updating.

X-Plane and Little Xpconnect

  • Added installation option for Little Xpconnect from main menuTools -> Install Little Xpconnect in X-Plane plugins.This can be used to install or update the X-Plane plugin from the installation folder.Note that the plugin will be installed in the currently selected X-Plane instance frommenu Scenery Library. Additonally Little Navmap will scan for double and wrong installations ofLittle Xpconnect. Do not download the plugin manually. It is included in the Little Navmapdownload archive.
  • Added version check for Little Xpconnect. Now showing a warning message if an outdated version ofthe plugin was found.


  • Now safely catching termination signals on Linux. This avoids data loss due to unsaved files whenterminating the program with Ctrl+C from the command line.
  • Show in file manager function for blue links in Little Navmap now also works on Linux. This usesthe DBUS protocol to start the default file manager and select a file in in.
  • Little Navmap supports the Wayland compositor which is used on newer Linux distributionsbut you have to install the package qtwayland5.

Changes from 3.0.3.rc1 to 3.0.4

These are fixes for bugs introduced with the 3.0 versions.

  • AI aircraft altitude now appears at higher zoom distance on the map.
  • Corrected not translatable texts in runway dialog.
  • Fixed issues in route description when opening from SimBrief. Now hiding advanced menu and addingrunways to route description when opening dialog after download.
  • Attempt to fix crashes on Windows shutdown with Little Navmap open.
  • Fixed issue where a wrong crash report was triggered after identifying incompatible database.
  • Now omitting IPv6 link local addresses in display in options on page Web Server.
  • Reworked issue report to include up-to-date files now as well as flight plan as loaded in memory.
  • Removed ILS de-duplication from X-Plane data compiler and adjusted it for MSFS, P3D and FSX.
  • Fixed issue where procedures having runways not matching simulator runways resulted in a wrongrunway warning. Example: SKBO in X-Plane 11/12 having 13L, 13R, 31L and 31R while latestnavigation data (cycle 2402) refers to 14L, 14R, 32L and 32R. In December 2022 the runways atSKBO (Bogotá El Dorado International Airport) were renamed due to magnetic heading drift.This can occiasinally happen at airports.
  • Changed application to catch Windows shutdown correctly. Now exiting program cleanly when shuttingdown Windows with Little Navmap running.

See the included CHANGELOG.txt or here online for a complete list across all versions.

All files are checked by VirusTotal.

Alex Projects - Little Navmap 3.0.4 released (2024)
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