Cnas Breadth Requirements (2024)

1. [PDF] College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences B.S. Breadth Requirements

  • Note: No more than two (2) courses in performance may be counted toward the. Humanities requirement. Fine Arts: Art (ART) 1, 2, 3, 4 (performance), 5, 6, 8, ...

2. CNAS Breadth Sheet Updated Summer 2022

  • CNAS Breadth Requirements · CNAS Breadth Sheet · Breadth Course Offerings · Enrollment Assistance · CNAS Enrollment Management Center · Enrollment FAQs ...

  • Guiding Your Academic Success

3. Breadth Courses - Undergraduate Program - Berkeley Haas

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  • Haas Breadth Guidelines Breadth courses must be at least three semester units or four quarter units. You must successfully complete the 7-course breadth sequence to earn a B.S. degree from the Haas School. Although breadth coursework is not required for admission, students are encouraged to spread breadth courses over 4 […]

4. Breadth Requirements - YUMPU

Breadth Requirements - YUMPU

5. [PDF] UCR CNAS General Education Pattern - Transfer Advising Sheet

  • 3 jun 2023 · Courses taken for IGETC will be applied to the College's breadth patern as appropriate. Transfer students who wish to supplement their math and ...

6. Registration Videos | CNAS Undergraduate Academic Advising ...

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  • Registration Videos Please review the instructional videos below for specific information to some of the more commonly asked questions many students have during the registration period.

7. AP credits: Riverside - UC Admissions

8. [PDF] executive committee - AWS

  • 24 mei 2022 · Breadth requirements vary by college; and students must fulfill the ... MATH9A/9B since this is a sequence taken by many students in CNAS.

9. Breadth Requirement | College of Liberal Arts | University of Nevada ...

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  • The College of Liberal Arts academic advisors explain what the breadth requirement is, how to fulfill it and everything else you need to know to meet degree requirements.

Breadth Requirement | College of Liberal Arts | University of Nevada ...

10. Choosing Your Major - Riverside - Life at UCR - Tumblr

  • 6 jul 2017 · ... classes in other areas of study ... Also keep in mind, breadth requirements are different for each school of study (Pre-Business, CHASS, CNAS ...

  • Choosing Your Major

11. Biology-CNAS Breadth. UCR. Miranda Angeles - Studylib

  • English Composition (both are required) (Grade of C or better required) ENGL 101 or 101H ENGL 103 or 103H Natural Sciences & Mathematics (5 courses required) ...

  • Free essays, homework help, flashcards, research papers, book reports, term papers, history, science, politics

Biology-CNAS Breadth. UCR. Miranda Angeles - Studylib

12. I'm in CNAS and winter quarter i am planning on... - Life at UCR - Tumblr

  • 22 nov 2013 · It's not a major requirement, but a breadth requirement so I can just take it pass or fail right? Exactly right. You should try to avoid placing ...

  • I'm in CNAS and winter quarter i am planning on...

13. Breadth Requirement | George Mason Department of Computer Science

  • Breadth Requirement · Students must obtain an A- or better grade in at least three of the four courses · In the fourth course, students must obtain a grade of B ...

  • Students must demonstrate breadth of knowledge in computer science by obtaining superior grades in four graduate courses, including CS 583 Analysis of Algorithms. Collectively the four courses must span at least three of the following eight areas: Theoretical Computer Science, Systems and Networks, Security, Programming Languages, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Databases, and Visual Computing.

Cnas Breadth Requirements (2024)


What happens if I fail a class UCR? ›

Students who fall below a 2.0, either at the end of any quarter or for the total graded courses taken in the University, are placed on academic probation. These categories are indicated clearly on your transcript.

Do you need a math placement to be placed in a CNAS Scholars Learning Community? ›

In order to enroll, you will need to have taken the Mathematics Advisory Exam, or have another Math placement through AP/Transfer credit. Please visit for more information on the placement test. The program accepts applicants on a first come, first serve basis.

What is passing at UCR? ›

All courses shall be graded on the basis of A (distinction, indicating exceptional achievement), B (high pass, indicating more than minimal competence but less than exceptional achievement), C (pass, indicating competence), D (marginal pass), or F (fail).

What is the repeat policy at UC Riverside? ›

Students have a maximum of 16-units (essentially 4 classes) of repeat for grade replacement. Grades in additional repeats thereafter will be averaged into the GPA. Students repeating a core math or science course must wait until 2nd pass of enrollment to be able to try to register for that course again.

What GPA gets you kicked out of UCR? ›

Notice of Academic Dismissal. An undergraduate student placed on Notice of Academic Dismissal must earn at least a 2.0 University term GPA in the subsequent term. If a student on Notice of Academic Dismissal earns less than a 2.0 University term GPA, they will be dismissed from the University.

How bad does a failed class look? ›

Employers like to see your GPA on your resume, especially those first few years after college. Failing a class, or classes, can drastically impact your GPA, which could have an adverse effect on your ability to find a job.

Do Cnas have to be good at math? ›

Math is Necessary for Nursing

So depending on your area of expertise in nursing, you may be required to use basic arithmetic and algebra on a daily basis. If you had a bad experience or struggled with math as a kid, you've probably done a good job of avoiding it most your life. But nursing school isn't high school.

Does CNA look good on med school application? ›

By obtaining certification as a CNA, you showcase your drive and determination to pursue a career in healthcare, which can impress medical schools and make your application stand out. Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant can significantly strengthen your application to medical school.

How long does participation in the CNAS learning community last? ›

All CNAS students will be in a Learning Community for their first-year.

What is the lowest GPA for UCR? ›

To meet minimum requirements, you must earn a GPA of 3.0 or higher (3.4 for non-residents) in “a–g” courses taken during grades 10 and 11 (including summers before and after), weighted by a maximum of eight semesters of UC-approved honors points.

Is UCR hard to get in? ›

For every 100 applicants, 69 are admitted. This means the school is moderately selective. The school expects you to meet their requirements for GPA and SAT/ACT scores, but they're more flexible than other schools.

What are the odds of getting into UCR? ›

The acceptance rate at UCLA is 8.6%.

For every 100 applicants, only 9 are admitted. This means the school is extremely selective. Meeting their GPA requirements and SAT/ACT requirements is very important to getting past their first round of filters and proving your academic preparation.

Is UCR a dry campus? ›

Alcoholic beverages may be served, sold and consumed at approved public events only if the sponsor has obtained an approved Alcohol Permit Request Form (see Groups are encouraged to use facilities licensed to serve alcohol.

How many times can you fail a class at UCR? ›

Repeating Courses

Students may repeat up to 16 units of UC coursework in which they received a "D" or an "F" for the purposes of improving their UCR grade point average. Only the first 16 units of coursework that is later repeated will be excluded from the GPA.

What are my chances of getting into UC Riverside? ›

The acceptance rate at UC Riverside is 69.1%.

In other words, of 100 students who apply, 69 are admitted. This means the school is somewhat selective. You should prepare your academic scores well, but you have an excellent chance if you impress them.

What happens if you fail one of your classes? ›

Failing one or more classes could result in academic probation or suspension, depending on your school's policy or the requirements for your major. Most schools place students on academic probation if they fall below a minimum 2.0 GPA at the end of any semester.

Can you get into a UC if you fail a class? ›

You need to earn a grade of C or better in each course or a Pass (P) grade if pass is equivalent to a C (2.00). You need to be in good academic standing (GPA 2.00 or above) at the last college/university you attended prior to enrolling at UC.

What happens when you pass fail a class? ›

Pass/Fail Classes – The Basics

Typically, a student's GPA is not affected if she receives a Pass, but she will earn credit for the course. A Fail normally counts negatively toward the student's GPA, but some schools, such as the University of Wisconsin, Madison, do not count the F toward the GPA.

Does taking a class pass fail look bad? ›

Furthermore, colleges typically emphasize your performance in the core subject areas when evaluating your transcript. If you have a strong overall academic record with good grades in your core courses, then one pass/fail course is unlikely to raise any red flags.

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