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Why Ambiente UFH is the Sustainable Choice for Heating Systems

At Ambiente, we are create eco friendly underfloor heating systems. Here’s a closer look at why our eco friendly heating systems are perfect for sustainable builds.

  • Eco Friendly Heating Systems
  • Heating System Types
  • Compatibility with Existing Systems
  • A Sustainable Choice for New Builds
  • Eco Underfloor Heating Systems – Getting Into the Zone
  • Underfloor Heating Pipe
  • Stepping Up Sustainability
Eco Friendly Heating Systems

Using sustainable materials is at the core of Ambiente’s mission. Our underfloor heating pipes are not only durable but also recyclable. These pipes can be safely melted down and reused at the end of their lifespan, contributing to a circular economy.

Ambiente use recycled materials in our packing and wrapping. We introduced a ‘Wrap-to-save’ method on our pipes which means we package the pipe in a way that the coil remains in tact and useable for the following job. This would result in reducing wastage by 5-10%.

AmbiDeck 20 Pro uses a recycled carbon material which is a waste product. This has an excellent side effect which really helps us – it has an uplift of +10% thermal performance! An excellent choice of materials!

Heating System Types

Understanding the types of heating systems that can be integrated with water underfloor heating systems is crucial for making an informed choice.

+ Heat Pumps: These systems transfer heat from one place to another, providing efficient heating. They can be air-source or ground-source.
+ Air Source Heat Pumps: These extract heat from the outside air, even at low temperatures. They are efficient and suitable for various climates.
+ Ground Source Heat Pumps: These systems extract heat from the ground through a network of buried pipes. They are highly efficient and ideal for stable, year-round heating.

Benefits of UFH & Heat Pumps

+ Low carbon footprint
+ Save money on energy bills
+ Work at temperatures as low as -15°C
+ Low maintenance
+ Long Lifespan
+ 2025 regulations compliant

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Compatibility with Existing Systems

Integrating eco friendly heating solutions with existing systems can pose challenges, but Ambiente UFH makes it seamless. While heat pumps can work with traditional radiators, modifications might be necessary to accommodate their lower temperature output. Our UFH systems are designed to integrate smoothly with heat pumps and other low-temperature heat sources, ensuring efficient operation without compromising comfort.

When laying a board product the weight is a key factor. If the boards are heavy they do result in a tough and difficult installation. We designed the AmbiDeck 20 Pro system to be much lighter and easier to install than the AmbiLowboard SRB. This is the way Ambiente strive to innovate even our existing products.

+ Retrofit Projects: For homeowners looking to upgrade their heating systems, Ambiente UFH can be easily installed as a retrofit solution. It is compatible with existing heating setups and can significantly improve efficiency and comfort.

+ Suspended Floor Systems: These are ideal for buildings with suspended floors, where traditional radiators might not be as effective. UFH provides even heat distribution and enhances the overall heating efficiency of such buildings.

A Sustainable Choice for New Builds

Whether for new builds or retrofit projects, Ambiente UFH systems are the ideal choice for sustainable buildings. They are efficient, environmentally friendly, and bring numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and lower environmental impact. As Gerry Shephard, our Business Development Manager, outlines in our Sustainability blog, UFH systems tick all the right boxes when creating sustainable buildings.

Ambiente UFH excels in energy efficiency by operating at a lower temperature of -40°C, compared to the 80°C required by traditional radiators. This lower operating temperature not only enhances efficiency but also results in substantial energy savings. Underfloor heating covers a larger surface area than radiators and can operate continuously at 35-40°C. This leads to a system that uses less energy, making it up to 40% more efficient than equivalent radiator systems. With less heat leaking out of buildings, UFH systems further reduce their environmental impact.

Ambiente UFH is designed to pair with efficient heat sources like ground and air source heat pumps, as well as solar thermal systems. These renewable heat sources typically produce much lower flow temperatures than standard gas or oil boilers. Traditional radiator systems would need significant modifications to be compatible, making UFH the more practical and efficient choice. Lower flow temperatures translate to savings on energy and overall heating costs.

Eco Underfloor Heating Systems – Getting Into the Zone

One of the standout features of our UFH systems is zoning and control. Heating a room that isn’t being used is a waste of energy, and with UFH, each zone can be controlled individually. This ensures no energy is wasted, boosting the property’s environmental credentials. Transitioning from radiators to UFH might require some guidance on heating behaviour, but the benefits in comfort and efficiency are significant. Read our Expert Guide to Embedded Carbon: Underfloor Heating vs Radiators.

By running efficiently at reduced flow temperatures, our UFH systems support lower heating costs and align with future-proof and renewable energy trends. They offer precise control and zoning through centralised thermostats or smartphone apps.

Ambiente LunaTouch WiFi thermostats can be controlled by the SmartLife app this means that you can include your thermostat in the SMART home control environment that SmartLife offers. Such as lighting, home appliances and security products are all available to be controlled on the same app.

This means you can create a flow of commands such as – ‘when i arrive home, turn on the lights and turn up the heating to 21°C.

Underfloor Heating Pipe – Green from the Core

Our PERT pipes are built to last with a lifetime warrantee, this means it will likely outlive the building itself. Traditional radiators, with a lifespan of 10-15 years, become waste products quickly. In contrast, our sustainable PERT pipes can be melted down and reused, reducing waste.

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TraffiPipe is the only pipe in the world with an inbuilt quality management system, meaning that you can see at a glance if the EVOH oxygen barrier layer has been compromised or not. With patents granted and patents pending for further regions this is a truely unique product.

Radiators are one of the 3rd largest contributors to embodied carbon in the average 4 bedroom house in the UK.

Sustainable UFH – Stepping Up Sustainability

Even before installation, our UFH systems reduce their impact on the planet. They require less freight space and packaging compared to radiators. Additionally, opting for a low-profile UFH system in new builds can reduce the total build height by up to 40mm, cutting down on the materials needed and enhancing sustainability. Read our article on the 5 benefits of underfloor heating for sustainable buildings.

Contact us today to learn more about our underfloor heating and eco friendly heating systems for your project.

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Eco Friendly Heating Systems | Ambiente UFH (2024)
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