List At Least Three Natural Causes For DeforestationList At Least Four Human Causes For Deforestation (2024)

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List At Least Three Natural Causes For DeforestationList At Least Four Human Causes For Deforestation (1)


Answer 1

The loss of trees and other vegetation can result to climate change, desertification, soil erosion, fewer crops, flooding, increased gases in the atmosphere, and a host of problems for indigenous people. These are the effects of deforestation. The causes of deforestation can be either of natural causes or from human activities. The natural causes are hurricanes, natural forest fires, parasites-caused diseases, and floods. Human activities such as agricultural expansion, cattle breeding, timber extraction, miningoil extraction, dam construction, and intrastructure development are among the main causes of global deforestation.

Answer 2

Natural causes :

Forest firesHurricanesSevere drought

Human causes :

The greed for expanding the agricultureCattle farmingConstruction of dams Urbanizationgrazing cattleproducing papermaking rubber production of timber

Deforestation is the clearing up of forest land, wide, and dense trees,

Effects of deforestation :

Irregular change in climateRecurring floodsSoil erosionThe greenhouse effect is increasedOxygen issues

We can reduce the deforestation using :

Spreading awareness about its harmful effectsPlant more and more treesFollowing sustainable methodsUse less single-use goodsrecycling paper

There are 2 types of deforestation

Clear cuttingSelective logging

For more about Deforestation refer to the link :

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I don’t understand question number 18, why is C the right answer? (practice homework- not part of my grade)


A mineral is an inorganic solid that has an orderly internal structure. This means that atoms are structured in a certan specific way, giving the mineral unic properties. Also, a mineral has a defined chemical composition.

The first option can not describe a mineral because the rock formed when lava cools down does not have a specific structure and also it does not have a defined chemical composition, but it is a mixture of different components such as iron and magnesium.

The second option can not be describing a mineral because in this case also the atoms do not have the specifit arrangement of a crystal.

The third option is the onlyone that describes a mineral because the result of the process is a solid that has an orderly internal structure and a characteristic chemical composition. As the solution cools down the solute excess starts to form the crystal and the atoms are located in a specific arrangement

Which one comes first and why? (Nitrogen Cycle STEM case)


The biogeochemical process known as the nitrogen cycle is how nitrogen transforms into a variety of chemical forms as it travels through ecosystems in the atmosphere, on land, and in the sea.

What is biogeochemical process?

Biogeochemical process is defined as the process by which a chemical material circulates through Earth's biotic and abiotic regions.

It can also be defined as a slow-moving pool of nutrients that encounters both biotic and abiotic elements.

There are three types of biogeochemical process.

Hydrological cycleSedimentary cycleGaseous cycle

Thus, the biogeochemical process known as the nitrogen cycle is how nitrogen transforms into a variety of chemical forms as it travels through ecosystems in the atmosphere, on land, and in the sea.

To learn more about biogeochemical process, refer to the link below:


For an entire species to survive, it must allow for new generations to maintain the population. This is the challenge of ________.Question 2 options:gathering foodreproducingmaintaining structuregathering energy


Among the four options, we can see gathering food, reproducing, maintaining structure, and gathering energy, so we can abord one at a time.

The statement of the question is regarding the maintaining of the population throughout the new generations, so although the answer options like "gathering food", "maintaining structure", and "gathering energy", are also important, but in the immediate survival of the species, for example. So the answer option regarding "reproducing" is better related to the statement of the question. So the answer is b, reproducing.

Use the terms given in the text box (photo below) and place them accordingly to the correct diagram of cell division.


1st Diagram shows the process of Mitosis.

Cells divide once

Produces t2 cells

Occurs in body cells

Involves somatic cells

Used for growth and repair in the body



Cells are identical


2nd diagram represents Meiosis

Cells divide twice

Occurs in ovaries and testes

Produces 4 cells

Involves gametes

Errors can cause genetic mutations



Cells are unique


When both alleles are expressed in the phenotype of heterozygotes, the type of inheritance is:codominance.incomplete dominance.multiple alleles.X-linked.


In this case, we need to look carefully, from the available options, there are two that could apply, one is codominance and the second is incomplete dominance, in the second case we have that both alleles express nonetheless they form an intermediate phenotype, meanwhile, in the first case both alleles are expressed equally, forming in many cases a spotted or specked pattern, therefore the correct answer is codominance.

think about the gametes each parent plant will produce down below. list the allele in each gamete.


Parent plant with white flowers

Gamete 1 WW

Gamete 2 WW

Gamete 3 WW

Gamete 4 WW

Parent plant with red flowers

Gamete 1 RR

Gamete 2 RR

Gamete 3 RR

Gamete 4 RR

What can cause an endemic disease to become an epidemic?overcrowding and stress of the host populationa mutation that results in a more virulent pathogena great increase in the population size of a vectorAll of these choices are correct.


The condition in which an endemic pathogen depends on the type of pathogen, transmission mode, incubation period, environment, etc, to determine the causes can be very specific for each case, however, from the listed scenarios, we can see that a stressed population has lower defenses plus overpopulation makes easier the disease transmission, in the second case, we know that mutation is one of the great cause of pathogens success, finally if the vector of a certain disease increase suddenly its populational numbers can infect more hosts, therefore we can say that the correct answer is All of these choices are correct.

11. Which Due Nov 6, 11:59 PM WAT of these statements about enzyme technology is true? O Enzymes do not always have optimal properties for industrial use Enzymes are only ever used for chemical synthesis Enzymes always provide a more sustainable route in any given sector Enzymes always have optimal properties for use in medical intervention Enzymes never have optimal properties for use in 1 poin G​


Enzyme technology can be in reality described because the medical have a look at proteinaceous catalysts derived from living organisms and the utility of the information to solve unique issues.

Enzymes are protein catalysts that accelerate chemical reactions by way of decreasing the activation energy. B) is authentic. Enzymes may be regulated with the aid of the mobile, and as a result, can alter chemical reactions in a cellular.

Enzymes are not destroyed at some stage in chemical reactions, as that is a part of the definition of a catalyst, and allows them to catalyze many different reactions constantly as long as there's sufficient quantity of substrate. All other statements are true about catalysts.

Enzymes are proteins comprised of amino acids related together in a single or greater polypeptide chain. This series of amino acids in a polypeptide chain is known as the primary shape. This, in turn, determines the three-dimensional structure of the enzyme.

Learn more about Enzymes here:


I need help with this practice problem solving Give a general description of the common RavenMake sure to include the scientific name and identification, it’s role and title in the food chain and food web, what biome/s it lives in, places where it is located on Earth, what does it mostly eat?


Corvus corax, also known as common Raven, or just raven is a widely distributed bird, it can be found in the northern hemisphere, hence a variety of habitats though can be found on woodlands and coastal zones. The common raven also possesses a wide diet, is omnivorous, it can feed on carrion, insects, leftovers, grains, fruits, and small animals, so it possesses multiple links on the food webs, nonetheless can be classified as a secondary consumer. Finally, the raven has proven to be an extremely intelligent bird capable of solving certain problems and puzzles, also it has played a significant role in literature.

Energy is transferred from ? 1 autotrophs to heterotrophs then back to the sun 2 the sun to heterotrophs to autotrophs 3 the sun to autotrophs to heterotrophs


The correct answer is 3: Usually, it is from the sun to autotrophs and then heterotrophs.

Match each of the following;InfluenzaPlant VirusBacterial VirusAdenovirusA. DNA, capsid and tailB. RNA and CapsidC. DNA and capsidD. RNA, capsid, envelope and antigen


Influenza- D. RNA, capsid, envelope, and antigen

Plant virus- B. RNA and Capsid

Bacterial Virus- A. DNA, capsid and tail

Adenovirus- C. DNA and capsid

How do cells become specialized so they can have specific functions?


Cells become specialized so they can have specific functions according to each tissue when certain genes become to be expressed, while other genes, that keep the cell unspecialized, are repressed.

If the statement is true,write true.If the statement is false,change the word Consumers to make the statement true.
Consumers obtain energy through a process called photosynthesis.





Because photosynthesis is the process by which PLANTS manufacture their own food, and that simply means they obtain energy in the same process.

Which of the following statements are examples of anecdotal evidence of climate change?I. Some flowers are blooming earlier every year.II. The average temperature has increased by 5°C.III. There are fewer fish spawning than 10 years ago.IV. Precipitation has increased by 10% over the past 50 years.


Anecdotal evidence means that is an observation made casually, without keeping track systematically.

Options II, III, and IV are statements that draw conclusions from data collected over the years, such as the average temperature, the rate of fish spawning, and the level of precipitation, so they are not anecdotal evidence.

But the observation that some flowers are blooming earlier every year, without any more data (such as a date range), is a casual observation, and so is anecdotal evidence.

Hence, I. Some flowers are blooming earlier every year, is the right answer.

Which of the following best explains how bullfrogs can survive cold winters?(A) A bullfrog's gills are designed to pull oxygen from icy pond water.(B) A bullfrog's three-chambered heart stores oxygen.(C) Their frozen circulatory systems thaw in the spring.(D) They breathe through their skin while in pond mud.


The correct answer is letter C) Their frozen circulatory systems thaws in the spring. Amphibians that have to deal with severe cold winters, have specific properties (for example, sugars) in their blood and tissue, that allows them to freeze without harm to their tissues. Later on, when the spring comes, they thaw and resume their activity.

What similarities and differences do you see between the organisms in image 1?


In the image, we have the skeletons of a gibbon, a human, a chimpanzee, a gorilla, and an orangutan.

All of these organisms are primates and are somewhat similar, for example:

-All of them are capable of having an upright position, as we see in the image.

-None of them have tails.

-Their bone structure is very similar.

But also they have several differences:

-All of them, except humans, have arms that are longer than their legs.

-The non-humans have smaller skulls.

-The gibbon and the human have smaller mandibles and pelves than the others.

You are observing a sample of cells in the lab to determine why they did not divide properly. You notice that the chromosomes are lined up in the middle of the cell, and the spindle fibers have extended towards them, but have not attached. What could be damaged?A. CytoplasmB. Nuclear envelopeC. MitochondriaD. Centromere


The correct answer is D. Centromere. This structure is the responsible of linking the chromosome with the spindle fibers.

Who are James Watson and Francis Crick?They correctly described the structure of DNA.They were the first to isolate DNA molecule.They determined that DNA was the transforming principle.They discovered the three types of RNA.


Watson and Crick, with the ideas of Rosalind Franklin, described the structure of the DNA molecule in the year 1953, using a technique known as crystallography. So the correct answer to this question is the first one.

What type of organism often uses external fertilization?A) VertebraeB) InvertibleC) AquaticD) Land bound


The correct answer is C) Aquatic organisms.

External fertilization occurs when the male's sperm fertilizes the female's eggs outside of the female's body. So external fertilization generally occurs in water or a moist area that facilitates the movement of sperm to the egg. This type of fertilization is common in amphibians and fish.

How is photosynthesis applied and used.


Photosynthesis is a process carried out in plant cells that serves to synthesize sugars such as glucose which can later be used to form other important molecules such as cellulose.

Photosynthesis requires energy from sunlight, carbon dioxide (CO2) and water to obtain glucose and oxygen as products. Sunlight provides the ATP to carry out the reactions, water provides electrons and CO2 provides the carbon needed to build the sugar.

Several factors determine the distribution of biomes on the planet. Which two are considered the major determing factors?


The most significant abiotic element influencing the spread of terrestrial biomes is climate. The temperature on the Earth's surface generally decreases from the equator to the poles. Precipitation and evaporation both influence the moisture content of a biome.

Plant production (primary productivity) and the amount of organic matter available as food are both influenced by temperature and moisture (net primary productivity).

Thus, option 2 is correct option.

What is ONE of the benefits of the Human Genome Project?A. Genetic fingerprintsB. Designer drugsC. OncogenesD. Minisatellites


General category: Biology.

Sub-category: Genetics

Topic: Molecular biology technologies


The Human Genome Project (HGP) was an international scientific project aiming to determine the complete sequence of human DNA and identify and map all the genes that make it up from a physical and functional point of view.


Within the human genome project, genetic tools were used that allowed and continue to enable the study of human DNA. This study had significant implications in the field of medicine because many diseases that could not be treated could now be further investigated by studying the genes involved in these diseases. Therefore, the benefits of the human genome project include the possibility of improving the diagnosis of diseases, early detection of genetic predispositions to certain diseases, drug design, gene therapy, control systems for drugs, and pharmacogenomics.

We can conclude that the correct answer is:


One of the benefits of the Human Genome Project is:

Designer drugs

Physical activity will not help to decrease blood pressure or improve sense of well-being false or true


Physical activity refers to movement of a human body. It does increase the blood pressure but on temporary state only. Effects of physical activity is not permanent. It will return to normal after such activity. It helps to make the heart stronger and decreases the forces present in the arteries thereby lowering the blood pressure. It also help improve the sense of well-being of a person. It contribute to weight maintenance and improvement of mental health. Brisk walking greatly contribute to the quality of our well-being.

Answer - True

The image below is in what stage of the cell cycle?


The image below shows a cell in the metaphase, it is the stage of the cycle when the duplicated chromosomes align in the midline of the spindle. The condensed chromosomes are visible and the nucleus has disappeared.

Explain how the mutation in the DNA sequence affects protein synthesis


A mutation may change a trait that may be even helpful, such as enabling an organism to better adapt to its environment. It is a point mutation when one mucleotide base is interchanged for another in DNA sequence. which can lead to wrong amino acid to be produced. The sequence of letter in a gene determines the sequence of amino acids in the protein it encodes. A point mutation can change the amino acid sequence of the resultinf protein.

A mistake in the DNA is called missence mutation that can result in the wrong amino acid being incorporated into a protein because of this shift. It will result in a different amino acid codon which the ribosome remembers. Changes in amino acid is important in protein's function. When mutation occur the stop codon do not code for an amino acid and signal the end of protein synthesis.

What chemicals can make human tissue regenerate in seconds?


Human Tissue

No human tissue can regenerate in seconds, even when exposed to any chemical.

This happens because clusters of organized cells form human tissues with similar morphology to perform a certain function. Thus, when injured, a tissue takes time to recover.

Therefore, no chemicals can make the tissue regenerate in seconds.


no chemicals can regenerate human tissues in a second


Which populations would you expect to have the fewest members?Explain why.


This is a feeding network or food chain, it shows producers and top predators, it is expected to find bigger populations for base organisms (producers), meanwhile, for apex predators, we would expect less. This difference in populations numbers has a quite simple explanation, the producers are autotrophs, that is to say, they produce their own food and represent the major energy intake of the system, which is why they must be large populations capable of sustaining the rest of the organisms. In the case of a top predator, are called that way because they don´t have any predator, and in turn, they exert control in the population numbers of downstream organisms, so their populations must be small or they would end the whole chain.

Taking into consideration this information we have three apex predators in this net, bobcat, alligator, and anhinga, These organisms as top predators would be expected to have smaller populations.

In rabbits , black is due to a dominant gene (B) brown two is recessive alElle (b). Short hair is due to the dominant gene.(S) how long hairs to the recessive allele(a). In a cross between a hom*ozygous black long individuals with a hom*ozygotes brown short, one what would be the nature of the F1 generation? (Percentage of each):__________


In a cross between a hom*ozygous black long individuals with a hom*ozygotes brown short the percentage of each is 6.25%

What is dominant gene?

Dominant gene is defined as the phenomenon whereby one gene allele on one copy of a chromosome can obscure or override the effects of another allele on the other copy of the chromosome.

A dominant trait is an inherited trait that manifests in a child if it is passed down from one parent to another through a dominant allele.

The phenomenon of dominance occurs when one version of a gene on one copy of a chromosome obscures or overrides the impact of another version of the same gene on the other copy of the chromosome.

Thus, in a cross between a hom*ozygous black long individuals with a hom*ozygotes brown short the percentage of each is 6.25%

To learn more about dominant gene, refer to the link below:


In a double-stranded helix of DNA, which of the following types of bonds can be found? Select all that apply.


We can find two different types of bonds on a double-stranded helix of DNA:

• Hydrogen bonds, between the two chains.


• Covalent bonds, between the phosphate groups and the sugars

what structure does the hard and soft palates separate the mouth from?A. nasal cavityB. body midlineC. glottisD. epiglottis


Question: what structure do the hard and soft palates separate the mouth from?

Solution (explanation):

Remember that the palate is a structure that forms the roof of the mouth. It is divided into two separate parts, namely, the hard palate and the soft palate. The hard and soft palates separate the mouth (oral cavity) from the nasal cavity.

Answer: we can conclude that the correct answer is:

A. Nasal cavity.

Other Questions

10 p Mary wants to make several cans like the one below. She is going to cut them from a sheet of metal that has an area of 3.750 inches squared. How many can she make? Use 3.14 for pl. A submarine went to the height of -140 feet after 14 hours. If the submarine kept descending, and is currently at a height of -284.6 feet, for how long has the submarine been descending? If a six-sided dice is rolled what is the probability of landing on 3? Which part of the respiratory system helps expand the lungs during breathing?A. BronchiB. AlveoliC. TracheaD. Diaphragm Sam, Mamie, Ralph and Gail are all skilled at the video game alien Invaders. Gailconsistently scores higher than Ralph. Sam is better than all of them and Mamie isbetter than Ralph. Who is the better player, Gail or Mamie? The sum of three numbers is 89 the second number is 3 times the third the first number is 9 more than the third what are the numbers Two triangles would be similar if their sides were 3 cm, 6cm, 9cm for the first triangle, and 6 cm, 12 cm, and 18 cm for the second triangle, respectively.True or false? To mail a letter to Vienna, Austria the post office charges a flat rate of $8.75 and an additional $0.25 for every ounce the letter weighs. The cost of mailing a letter is determined by the equation y=0.25x+8.75, where y is the cost of the postage and x is the weight of the letter in ounces. Find two points that satisfy the equation Consider the following functions.f(x) = x^2 + 2x, g(x) = 3x^2 - 1 Right triangle WXY is similar to triangle DEF. The following are measurements in right triangle DEF:What is the value of cos W?A.[tex] \frac{7}{8} [/tex]B.[tex] \frac{8}{7} [/tex]C.[tex] \frac{ \sqrt{113} }{7} [/tex]D.[tex] \frac{7}{ \sqrt{113} } [/tex] summarize the process of mitosis and meiosis in 2-3 sentences Draw and label a picture using a triangle and solve using SOH CAH TOA =Knowledge CheckQuestion 11For parts (a) and (b) below, choose the correct description.Fill in the blanks as necessary.(a) A local store is keeping track of service times. The table below shows thenumber of customers served and the time it took.[Number of customers479Time (in minutes)122127It does not always take the same amount of time to serve each customer.It appears to take the same amount of time to serve each customer.Predicted amount of time to serve 10 customers: minutes(b) Customers of a certain credit card earn points for using the card. The tablebelow shows the number of points earned for the amount spent.Number of points244063 v=6 when t=8,find if v varies t and v in terms of t Order the events from least likely (1) to most likely (4).You draw a black card from a standard deck of playing cards.= A spinner has 5 equal sections numbered 1 through 5. You spin and land on a number less than or equal to 4.= You roll a standard number cube and get a number less than 2.= You roll two standard number cubes and the sum is 1. Which of the following is the equation of the quadratic function below?so-213A. yx - 2x+2B. y - x - 8x+12C. y = x+8x-12O D. y=x+2x-2 Draw and label the final image of ABC after the given sequence of transformations. May I please get help with this for I am confused as I tried multiple times to get the correct answers for them. A person flips a fair coin twice and the result of the experiment is what side of the coin lands face up. What is the sample space in this experiment? Write the equation of the line passing through point (3, -1) and perpendicular to y = -x + 1

List At Least Three Natural Causes For DeforestationList At Least Four Human Causes For Deforestation (2024)
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