The Best 3-Star Characters In Marvel Puzzle Quest (2024)

Marvelites Assemble! Today we will provide you with the list of the best 3-star characters in Marvel Puzzle Quest. As we all know, Marvel Puzzle Quest is an addictive, innovative, and beautifully designed match 3 puzzle game that the fandom can’t get enough of. We can’t blame you, as we’re guilty of that too.

Star Rating System In Marvel Puzzle Quest

The star rating of different characters in Marvel Puzzle Quest ranges from 1 to 5 stars. 1-star characters are the weakest but are good for new players to try their hand at the game. 5-Star characters are top-tier and the best, but you need to grind away to get one or spend real money.

2-Star and 4-Star characters in Marvel Puzzle Quest are fewer and don’t add much as they’re similar in capability to 1 and 5-star characters, respectively. It is the 3-star characters in Marvel Puzzle Quest that shake things up and where the game truly shines. There are roughly 50 3-star characters, and it’s a delight to pick a new team every time.

Oh, and each character has variants, some more useful than others. When it comes to our list, we will talk about the specific 3-star variant of each character.

Best 3-Star Characters In Marvel Puzzle Quest

Let’s not waste more time and start our list of the best 3-Star characters in Marvel Puzzle Quest.

10. Cyclops (Uncanny X-Men)

The Best 3-Star Characters In Marvel Puzzle Quest (1)

Scott Summers, A.K.A Cyclops, the quintessential leader of the X-Men, is a tremendous 3-star character choice for starting your Marvel Puzzle Quest playthrough. For the uninitiated, Cyclop’s main attribute in Marvel Puzzle Quest is his charismatic leadership ability that grants the team buffs and boosts.

Aside from the leadership skill, Cyclops also has his optic blast in different output degrees. The main attack is the sweep version, which is extremely useful for dealing heavy damage in an AOE-style attack. Cyclops is highly beneficial to your team because he can provide the boost you need to edge your opponent in the fight.

Cyclops’ serious attitude reflects in his attacks. When the animation depicts him removing his visor, he truly unleashes his full power. The attack deals massive damage but leaves him incapacitated for 2 rounds.

9. Gambit (Modern)

The Best 3-Star Characters In Marvel Puzzle Quest (2)

Moving on to the resident bad-boy of the X-Men, Mr. Ragin’ Cajun himself, Gambit! He is suave and smooth and will steal people’s hearts with his charming persona. Gambit’s primary ability, which makes him such a fan-favorite, is his sweeping charged attacks.

The gameplay in Marvel Puzzle Quest requires destroying tiles, and Gambit easily does this, securing the advantage for his team. Be careful of friendly fire; after upgrades, kiting your opponents with Gambit’s charged attacks also damages your team.

The damage to your team is a pain, but it’s such a Gambit thing to do that it makes sense. Other than that, Gambit can also steal away turns from your opponent’s characters which are always handy.

8. Iron Fist (Immortal Weapon)

The Best 3-Star Characters In Marvel Puzzle Quest (3)

Daniel Rand, A.K.A The Immortal Iron Fist, is the champion of Ku’n Lu’n, the mystic city of warriors hidden from civilization. Iron Fist is an extremely agile, precise, and deadly warrior with mystical abilities and martial arts.

He is perhaps our favorite 3-star hand-to-hand combat fighter in Marvel Puzzle Quest, and his appearance is the definition of awesome! No other dragon-themed character in the game exists.

Not only does Iron Fist receive an advantage if your team’s overall situation is terrible, but he also can heal and revive himself. Iron Fist may be a 3-star character, but his utility is that of a full-fledged 5-star character. You can’t ask for a better fighter at a 3-star rank to be on your Marvel Puzzle Quest team than Iron Fist.

7. Iron Man (Model 40)

The Best 3-Star Characters In Marvel Puzzle Quest (4)

Tony Stark, A.K.A Iron Man, is the face of Marvel these days, and in Marvel Puzzle Quest, he’s not one to stay in the shadows for long. Despite the sleek black armor, Tony’s colorful array of abilities makes him one of the most versatile 3-star characters in Marvel Puzzle Quest. Iron Man can launch powerful attacks for serious damage. Attacks like the Uni-Beam deal high damage, but you must consider the costs before using it.

Iron Man can use his Recharge ability to turn the match in your team’s favor. When the Recharge ability is activated, Iron Man acquires additional turns, but that leaves him stunned for those extra turns. Playing Iron Man requires a risk vs. reward mentality; the developers created this character’s move-sets with this intention.

Iron Man’s missiles can target multiple enemies and lock onto them to deal damage which is always good to pepper enemies with and even things up. Iron Man is fun but difficult for new players, which is why other characters who aren’t as flashy are higher than him on our list.

6. Daredevil (The Man Without Fear)

The Best 3-Star Characters In Marvel Puzzle Quest (5)

Matthew Murdock, A.K.A Daredevil, The man without fear, is perhaps our favorite stealth character in Marvel Puzzle Quest. The character’s unique ability creates a new dynamic for players to exploit and get the drop on their enemies.

First, Daredevil’s radar sense allows him to counter, dodge, and strike critical hits on his opponents by converting enemy tiles. The enemies will receive moderate damage when they match Daredevil’s converted tiles. The damage of converted tiles increases with upgrades.

The billy club ability chains together stun-lock shots to enemies and, if expertly used, can be used without consuming a turn. Daredevil’s billy club also deals damage on top of stunning enemies. The Ambush ability is a game-changer; Daredevil hides from the opponents and strikes when the tiles match. The damage from the Ambush ability is massive, and enemies can’t see the tiles he’s converted.

5. She-Hulk (Modern)

The Best 3-Star Characters In Marvel Puzzle Quest (6)

Jennifer Walters, A.K.A She-Hulk, is perhaps simpler to understand and play than most 3-star characters in Marvel Puzzle Quest. She is a brawler with brains and beauty to match. Oh, and did we mention she’s a lawyer too? Neat huh?

Anyway, She-Hulk uses her legal acumen in the melee encounter. She will call for a Settlement (yes, that’s one of her abilities) to redistribute the tiles. Enemy tiles convert to friendly ones, and friendly tiles upgrade. If that’s not Hulk enough for you, then you’ll be happy with She-Hulk’s Furious Charge.

She-Hulk’s Furious Charge causes the target’s attack points to drop to zero, which is excellent for follow-up attacks. She-Hulk’s Power of Attorney ability is classic Hulk ground and pound as she strikes the earth with mighty blows and destroys an entire row of tiles. The attack also deals a huge chunk of damage to the enemy team.

4. Mystique (Raven: The Darkholme)

The Best 3-Star Characters In Marvel Puzzle Quest (7)

Raven Darkholme, A.K.A Mystique, is a mutant woman with a past shrouded in mystery. Her true allegiance is always to herself; that is how the devs made her move-set. With Shapeshifting, Mystique steals attack points of the enemy with each turn that passes and, with upgrades, even stuns them.

Mystique’s favorite pastime is toying with others; her Infiltration ability proves this point. Four different colored tiles convert into either black or purple ones. She can make up to 9 tile conversions possible with upgrades.

Mystique’s Masterstroke ability is the double-edged sword that can turn the match on its head. She deals heavy damage to both teams and steals attack points for herself. Indeed, she is a selfish character, and we love her all the more for it. Under the right conditions, Mystique can be the last woman standing, which is grounds for serious bragging rights.

3. Psylocke (Classic)

The Best 3-Star Characters In Marvel Puzzle Quest (8)

The psychic assassin, Betsy Braddock, A.K.A Psylocke, is equally deadly and beautiful. Psylocke is a complex 3-star character in Marvel Puzzle Quest, with abilities that offer a wide range of utility. She can augment her attack with her power, Psychic Knife, which deals additional damage on top of the base attack.

Psylocke can steal up to 9 attack points with her secondary ability Bewilder; it leaves her drained for three rounds. The upside is that Bewilder can sap attack points from enemy tiles to disorient their strategy. Psylocke’s Psi-Katana is best for targeting a powerful opponent and lowering their HP each turn. Psi-Katana deals bleed damage to make the target receive over-time damage every turn.

Psylocke is a fan favorite (for obvious reasons), but her practicality in fights makes her invaluable. If you want a 3-star character in Marvel Puzzle Quest to help you stack up wins, Psylocke is your girl.

2. Magneto (Classic)

The Best 3-Star Characters In Marvel Puzzle Quest (9)

Erik Eisenhardt, A.K.A Magneto, A.K.A Master of Magnetism, is a certified winner in the contest for cool outfits and nicknames. The play style of Magneto requires a fair bit of patience because his abilities need a bit of setup. Once Magneto’s powers activate, you’re unstoppable.

With the Coercive Field skill, Magneto can cast a protective barrier on his team. Coercive Field reduces the chances of your team’s characters getting hit by converting enemy tiles into protection tiles. Magneto can deter your opponent with his Polarizing Force ability if they strategize using team-up tiles. Magento’s Polarizing Force destroys team-up tiles and damages the opponent’s team for each destroyed one.

Magneto’s Magnetized Projectiles is another game-changing ability. With upgrades, five tiles get swapped out, and each swap deals massive damage to enemies. Magneto is one of a kind and is the runner-up in our list of best 3-star characters for Marvel Puzzle Quest.

1. Dr. Doom (Classic)

The Best 3-Star Characters In Marvel Puzzle Quest (10)

Hands down, the best 3-star character in Marvel Puzzle Quest is Victor Von Doom, A.K.A Dr. Doom. No one comes close to matching the dictator of Latveria and his fearsome aura in terms of epicness and coolness. The man employs alchemy, sorcery, superhuman strength, reflexes, and beyond genius-level intellect.

In Marvel Puzzle Quest, Dr. Doom uses Summon Demons to conjure fiendish creatures to attack his opponents. With Technopathic Strike, Dr. Doom converts up to 6 tiles to line up his attacks, ruining your opponent’s hard work.

Finally, Dr. Doom’s Diabolical Plot ability is great for surprising your opponent. Each trap tile Dr. Doom lays out gets disarmed, but there is damage for each disarmed trap in exchange. Also, Dr. Doom sets a trap tile at the beginning of each round, always one step ahead of everyone.


We hope you enjoyed the individual breakdown of the top 3-star characters in Marvel Puzzle Quest. It wasn’t easy to compile, given that the 3-star category has approximately 50 characters in the game. Still, we had a blast making this list.

Let us know if you think we missed any of your favorites in the comments below. Also, check out our other list of Best Guns In Ready Or Not.

The Best 3-Star Characters In Marvel Puzzle Quest (2024)


What is the max level in Marvel Puzzle Quest? ›

This feature allows players to Ascend characters from one rarity to another, up to the current max level of 550 at 5-Stars.

Who makes purple in Marvel Puzzle Quest? ›

Gem Production
Thor (Marvel NOW!)Yellow3
Thor (Modern)Yellow3
Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)Purple5
Captain Marvel (Ms. Marvel)Team Up9
17 more rows

How do you champion a character in Marvel Puzzle Quest? ›

When Can a Hero be Promoted to Champion? Any 2, 3, 4 or 5-Star hero can be promoted to a Champion from the Hero Information screen once they reach their max level. How Much Does It Cost to Champion a Hero? You can promote heroes to Champions with Iso-8.

Who is the luckiest Marvel character? ›

The luckiest marvel character is Domino, a mutant. Her power is literary luck. And by manipulating chance, she does some things that would be hard even for someone as deadpool.

Who is the strongest good Marvel character? ›

Hulk. Hulk is a Big green powerhouse. He is physically one of the strongest of all marvel characters going far beyond even class 100 strength (strong enough to press 100 tons). He once destroyed a meteorite the size of earth in a single blow indicating that possibly, he could lift billions of tons.

What Avenger is purple? ›

Thanos, an evil, purple alien, used that power to destroy half the universe in Avengers: Infinity War.

How to ascend 3 star mpq? ›

  1. Build 2 x 266 champs and ascend to 303.
  2. Level up that ascended character to 370.
  3. Build another 266 champ.
  4. Build a 169 champ.
  5. Bind the 2 above to get a 271.
  6. Bind the 370 and 271 to get a 450.
  7. Level up the 450 to 550.
Sep 28, 2023

How long does it take to beat Marvel Puzzle Quest? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords is about 34 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 55 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What does red ISO do in Marvel Puzzle Quest? ›

Red Iso-8 is an all-new resource that is used to level up Supports. Red Iso-8 is earned through event rewards, special offers, and when receiving additional Supports that you already own.

Who is the best character in Marvel Studios? ›

Top 30 Marvel Characters of All Time
  • Wolverine. ...
  • Deadpool. ...
  • Magneto. ...
  • Thanos. ...
  • Loki. ...
  • Captain Marvel. ...
  • Cyclops. ...
  • Shuri. Character Evolution & Impact: Shuri's evolution in the Marvel universe is striking.
Jan 28, 2024

Who is the strongest character in Marvel Avengers game? ›

Hulk. There are many perks to playing as Hulk: his Heroic attacks are devastating. Being the strongest Avenger, his damage when given the right gear can lead to players destroying hordes of enemies like paper. The key mechanic to perfecting Hulk is using his rage mode to heal him.

What is the fastest way to get hero points in Marvel Puzzle Quest? ›

Hero Points can be acquired from:
  1. Progression Rewards in various events.
  2. Higher Placement Rewards in events.
  3. Mission Rewards.
  4. Daily Rewards.
  5. Adding a champion level.
  6. On the occasion when characters powers are changed, the character can be sold for Hero Points for a limited time (even if not a champion).

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