Uf Fraternity Rankings 2022 (2024)

1. University of Florida Fraternity Rankings 2022 2023 - UF - Greekrank

  • 31 aug 2022 · FRATERNITIES Top 1-Beta Theta Pi - ΒΘΠ 1-Phi Delta Theta - ΦΔΘ 2-Alpha Tau Omega - ΑΤΩ 2-Theta Chi - ΘΧ 3-Sigma Chi - ΣΧ Upper Mid

  • FRATERNITIES Top 1-Beta Theta Pi - ΒΘΠ 1-Phi Delta Theta - ΦΔΘ 2-Alpha Tau Omega - ΑΤΩ 2-Theta Chi - ΘΧ 3-Sigma Chi - ΣΧ Upper Mid 1-Delta T - University of Florida - UF Discussion

University of Florida Fraternity Rankings 2022 2023 - UF - Greekrank

2. [PDF] Fall-2022-Grade-Report.pdf - Greeks@ufl.edu - University of Florida

  • NM. Sem. GPA. 1. Sigma Phi Epsilon. 37. 3.72. 114. 3.47. 151. 3.60. 3.53. Fraternity. 2. Alpha Epsilon Pi. 43. 3.57. 118. 3.49. 161. 3.56. 3.51. Fraternity.

3. University of Florida - UF - Fraternities - Greekrank

University of Florida - UF - Fraternities - Greekrank


  • Fall 2022 REPORT · Fall 2020 Report · Fall 2019 REPORT · Fall 2018 REPORT. CONTACT; J. Wayne Reitz Union, Level 3 ... Copyright © 2024 UF Division of Student ...

5. [PDF] Spring 2022 - Fraternity & Sorority Programs - The University of Arizona

  • Rank. All Greek. Rank. Panhellenic Sororities. Alpha Chi Omega. 271. 3.030. 34 ... Total Fraternity Membership at The University of Arizona. 1,720. Total Greek ...

6. Everything You Need To Know About UF Fraternity Life - On20 Apartments

  • 6 jan 2023 · There are nearly three dozen fraternity chapters at UF ... Based on Fall 2022 enrollment figures, that amounts to almost 19% of all undergraduate ...

  • To help you better understand fraternities on campus, we’ve gathered some common questions we hear from students at the University of Florida.

Everything You Need To Know About UF Fraternity Life - On20 Apartments

7. [PDF] Fraternity Grade Rankings Spring 2022

  • Fraternity Grade Rankings. Spring 2022. Fraternity. Member. New Member. Overall. (Rank: 1-19). (Rank: 1-17). (Rank: 1-19). Alpha Gamma Rho 2.858 (8). 2.500 (9).

8. Which are the Hot Fraternities at UF? - University of Florida

  • 13 okt 2007 · p>I'm transfering in the Spring and am considering rushing. I know very little about the frats at UF with regard to their respective ...

  • I’m transfering in the Spring and am considering rushing. I know very little about the frats at UF with regard to their respective reputations and whatnot. Some of my friends in my one semester at American University were Pikes but I never felt compelled to rush right away since I thought I would be there throughout my entire undergrad experience. So naturally, I decided I was going to rush Pike at UF, only to learn they were suspended until 2011!

    I hear SigEp, Sigma Chi, Pikapp, and...

Which are the Hot Fraternities at UF? - University of Florida

9. BBQ chains that are actually good? | Iowa Hawkeyes fan forums

  • 13 uur geleden · Rankings Rivals250 Team Rankings Offer List Visit Dates Commitment ... The only good thing about Sonny's is they provide jobs for UF grads so they ...

  • Name yours. Local / Regional chains count. Went to Rodney Scott’s Whole Hog recently. Walked in ready to be kind underwhelmed after earlier visit. Left very, very happy. Meal: family style ribs and brisket, catfish fingers, mac and cheese, beans, collards, potato salad...

Uf Fraternity Rankings 2022 (2024)


What are the top 6 frats? ›

At the top of the frat world is the elite group, known as the Big Six—the Kappa Alphas (KAs), the SAEs, the Pikes, the Sigma Phi Epsilons, the Delts, and the Fijis.

Who are the best frats in UF reddit? ›

Top ones are ato, phi delt, beta, theta chi, sigma chi, and you could add sae which is recovering from being kicked off for 4 years.

What percent of UF is in Greek life? ›

What percent of University of Florida students participate in sororities? Nearly 19% of all undergraduates at the University of Florida participate in Greek life.

What are the top tier sororities at UF? ›

University of Florida - UF Sororities
  • Alpha Chi Omega - ΑΧΩ Rate. Ratings: 515. ...
  • Alpha Delta Pi - ΑΔΠ Ratings: 779. Grade: 72.63% ...
  • Alpha Epsilon Phi - ΑΕΦ Ratings: 111. ...
  • Alpha Omicron Pi. Ratings: 294. ...
  • Alpha Phi - ΑΦ Ratings: 206. ...
  • Chi Omega - ΧΩ Ratings: 357. ...
  • Delta Delta Delta - ΔΔΔ Ratings: 467. ...
  • Delta Gamma - ΔΓ Ratings: 432.

What is the most respected fraternity? ›

Here are the country's top fraternities that are popular in colleges and universities, and known for their lasting impact on the members:
  • Pi Kappa Alpha.
  • Alpha Phi Alpha.
  • Tau Kappa Epsilon.
  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon.
  • Sigma Phi Epsilon.
  • Kappa Alpha Society.
  • Sigma Chi.
  • Lambda Sigma Upsilon.

Which fraternity has the most celebrities? ›

8 of the Most Prestigious Fraternities in America
  • Most Celebrity Alums: Alpha Phi Alpha. ...
  • Best Leadership Program: Pi Kappa Alpha. ...
  • Most Undergraduate Chapters: Tau Kappa Epsilon. ...
  • Biggest: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ...
  • Best Vision for the Future: Sigma Phi Epsilon. ...
  • Oldest: The Kappa Alpha Society.
Jan 1, 2021

How much does a frat cost at UF? ›

Students at the University of Florida who join a fraternity can expect to spend roughly $2,400 per semester to join a fraternity. This covers the cost of chapter dues, meal plans, and initiation fees for the first year.

What is UF nation ranking? ›

University of Florida's ranking in the 2024 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, #28.

What is the pretty boy frat? ›

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

What are some drawbacks with attending UF? ›

With strong alumni connections and competitive tuition rates, UF provides a well-rounded college experience. However, large class sizes and limited entertainment options may pose challenges for some students.

Are UF students happy? ›

All in all, students seem to leave happy. Of University of Florida alumni visiting PayScale.com, 53 percent report that they derive a high level of meaning from their jobs.

How long is pledging at UF? ›

NEW MEMBER/PLEDGE: A member of a fraternity or sorority going through the new member education/pledging process. NEW MEMBER EDUCATION PROGRAM: A period of education when new members learn the history, ideals, and values of fraternity and sorority life. The timeframe varies, but cannot exceed eight weeks.

How hard is it to get into a sorority at UF? ›

Know that the process of joining a sorority or fraternity at the University of Florida is competitive. Not everyone who wants to be a Florida Greek will receive an invitation to do so. Let your student lead during the sorority or fraternity recruitment/intake process.

What is the most elite sorority? ›

Here are the country's leading sororities that are best known for their contributions to their colleges and universities, and the society:
  • Delta Sigma Theta.
  • Kappa Alpha Theta.
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha.
  • Alpha Chi Omega.
  • Alpha Delta Pi.
  • Phi Mu.
  • Alpha Omicron Pi.
  • Zeta Tau Alpha.

What is the new sorority at UF? ›

The newest sorority to the University of Florida, Alpha Phi, is building a brand-new house on the corner of S.W. 10th Street and S.W.

What are the Big Six sororities? ›

Top 10 Largest Sororities (Including Cultural & Honors Sororities)
  • 1Alpha Kappa Alpha.
  • 2Delta Sigma Theta.
  • 3Zeta Phi Beta.
  • 4Sigma Gamma Rho.
  • 5Alpha Omicron Pi.
  • 6 Chi Omega.
  • 7Gamma Phi Beta.
  • 8Kappa Alpha Theta.

What is the biggest frat in the US? ›

First, you can rank them by number of members. Currently, the largest fraternity by number of members is Sigma Alpha Epsilon. You can also rank frats by the number of active chapters across college campuses. Tau Kappa Epsilon holds this distinction with 290 chapters in colleges and universities.

What are the 5 types of fraternities and sororities? ›

There are general greek-letter (sometimes referred to as “social”), pre/professional, service, honorary, and culturally-based fraternities and sororities. They may be local (only existing at Michigan) or inter/national (with other chapters across the United States and /or in other countries.)

Is pi kappa phi a top frat? ›

With 187 active chapters and alumni groups nationwide, we are one of the top fraternities for active engagement. And we are the only national fraternity to establish and maintain its own non-profit organization.

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