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After an impressive nine-season run, the beloved ABC comedy "The Middle" wrapped in 2018. The show's cast starred sitcom heavyweights like Patricia Heaton of "Everybody Loves Raymond" fame and Neil Flynn from "Scrubs," and it put a spotlight on middle-class American families while resonating with households across the country.


"I think a lot of people felt we were representing them — their families, their lives," co-creator and executive producer Eileen Heisler told Deadline during the final season. "The word we most heard from fans is that our show was relatable." Despite the changing world and political climate during the show's run, Heisler explained the enduring success of "The Middle" was due to the likable characters and their touching stories.

Fans came to know and love the five members of the fictional Heck family and the actors who played them, including Charlie McDermott, Eden Sher, and Atticus Shaffer. Take a look at what the cast has been up to in the years since the series finale of "The Middle."

Patricia Heaton continues to act and pursue other creative projects

"The Middle” centered on Indiana mom Frankie Heck, played by Emmy winner Patricia Heaton. Heaton scored more TV roles after the show, including a starring one in the series "Carol's Second Act," portraying 50-something Carol Kenney as she switches careers to become a doctor. Unfortunately, the 2019 show, which Heaton also executive produced, lasted only one season.However, Heaton has had her hands full pursuing other creative endeavors, including authoring the similarly titled memoir "Your Second Act." As she told Watch! Magazine in 2019, "It's important to keep the creative juices flowing and not get complacent."


Heaton has channeled part of that creative energy into the home and kitchen industry. The food enthusiast — who previously hosted her own Daytime Emmy-winning Food Network show, "Patricia Heaton Parties" –debuted the housewares line Patricia Heaton Home at Walmart.

According to Today, she's also embracing sobriety during her second act — celebrating three years of being alcohol-free in 2021. "I've stopped, and my life has improved significantly," Heaton explained. "My kids are in their mid-20s and I'll probably be in my 70s by the time I have grandchildren. I want to be healthy for them."

Neil Flynn has enjoyed a successful acting career

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Fans of Neil Flynn likely remember the comedic actor for his portrayal as the janitor on "Scrubs." While on the popular show, Flynn landed the role of the Heck family patriarch, Mike, on "The Middle," which he played throughout the series from 2009 to 2018. "There was a transition from 'Scrubs' to 'The Middle,'" Flynn told Entertainment Weekly in 2019. "The characters were quite different. I was a down-to-earth man of few words on 'The Middle' and the Janitor could do or say virtually anything and it would fit the character."


The sitcom actor has continued to work in television since "The Middle," appearing in the 2019 comedy "Abby's" and lending his voice to the animated shows "Solar Opposites," "Superman: Man of Tomorrow," and "Chicago Party Aunt," according to IMDb.

Flynn also flexed his voice acting skills on the fantasy podcast "Carcerem," playing the role of Vorlauf. "It's a different world," Flynn saidabout working on the audio drama in a behind-the-scenes video. "You have to clue the audience in through verbal sounds, and the easiest thing to do most of the time is to actually do it."

Charlie McDermott focused on music

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Charlie McDermott started playing Axl Heck, the oldest of the three Heck siblings, on "The Middle" when he was just 18 years old. While fans of the show became familiar with Axl, the character was far from McDermott's personality. "Axl is an enigma to me for the most part," McDermott told the The Philadelphia Inquirer in a 2017 interview. "I think generally he makes decisions that I disapprove of ... but he's fun, too, in that aspect."


McDermott has acted here and there since the series finale of "The Middle.'" In 2018, he appeared alongside Mark Wahlberg in "Instant Family," and he played Ty in the Netflix mini-series "Unbelievable" the following year, per IMDb. However, the actor has since shifted his focus to other pursuits. "I would like to keep acting. But acting is so spontaneous," he also told The Philadelphia Enquirer. "When I was younger, I really wanted to have like a specific trajectory, but now it just seems impossible to ever do that, so I just want to keep working, and, hopefully, enjoy what I'm getting to do."

Besides acting, McDermott has also worked on music. In 2020, he released the digital album "Some Things Just Fall Out of Your Hands," for which he wrote, performed, and recorded all eight tracks.


Eden Sher almost got a spin-off show

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"The Middle" fans might be surprised to learn actress Eden Sher wasn't an immediate shoo-in for Sue Heck. In a 2016 Gold Derby interview, Sher explained, "It is a miracle I was cast; it was not an easy process."


After playing the Heck sister for nine years, the actress almost continued the role in a spin-off that focused on Sue. "We are shooting a pilot," Sher told TVLine in 2018. "I hope it gets picked up. I think it's going to be great." Unfortunately, the series never made it to the small screen, but Sher kept busy. The actress voiced the empowered titular princess in the animated Disney show "Star vs. the Forces of Evil" for four seasons (via IMDb). Keeping her comedic sitcom talents on display, Sher also appeared in episodes of "Jane the Virgin" and "Superstore."

In June 2021, Sher announced via her Instagram that she and her husband, comedian Nick Cron-DeVico, were expecting twins. The following November, she posted the first picture of her and her husband with the twins, which was simply captioned, "Family."


Atticus Shaffer made a name for himself as a voice actor

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When 11-year-old Atticus Shaffer began playing the eccentric character Brick Heck on "The Middle," viewers and critics alike quickly gravitated to the youngest character and all of his quirks. "People just like Brick because he follows the beat of his own drummer," Atticus told The New York Times in 2010. "He's different, and he's quirky, and people seem to think that's adorable. Trust me because I know. It's my life."


While his role on "The Middle" wasn't his first — he notably appeared in the Will Smith movie "Hanco*ck" — his portrayal as Brick was a standout part. Since the "Middle" finale, Shaffer has racked up a steady stream of voice acting gigs, which he also did during the show's run. According to the young actor's IMDbpage, he's worked on several popular animated series, such as Disney's "The Lion Guard," "Pete the Cat," and "Star vs. the Forces of Evil" with "The Middle" castmate Eden Sher.


Whatever Happened To The Cast Of The Middle? - The List (2024)


Are Charlie McDermott and Eden Sher friends? ›

Charlie McDermott: Being on a family sitcom and being the only two teenagers, it made sense we would be friends. Also, the first time we met I was in my underwear at a wardrobe fitting. Eden: Yes, that is true.

What is Eden Sher doing now? ›

On November 21, 2018 however it was announced that ABC had passed on moving forward with the proposed spinoff. Since 2023, Sher has been touring her one-woman show "I Was In A Sitcom" describing her role on The Middle, and impact it has had on her life since.

Where is Brick from The Middle today? ›

Atticus Ronald Shaffer was born on June 19, 1998 to Ron and Debbie Shaffer, with whom he resides in Acton, California.

What is Axl from The Middle doing now? ›

Charlie McDermott - Axl Heck

After playing the edgy Axl Heck, Charlie McDermott pivoted in his career. He stayed in the entertainment industry but focused more on music. After picking up a few more acting projects, he released an album called "Some Things Just Fall Out of Your Hands" in 2020.

How much did Eden Sher make on The Middle? ›

Eden Sher's salary per episode was $225k. She has accumulated a net worth of $2 million.

Who did Charlie McDermott marry? ›

He has been married to Sara Rejaie since 2017.

Did Eden Sher have a baby? ›

Now, five years on from The Middle's finale, Eden shared to Express.co.uk that she has actually recognised while giving birth to her twins. She told Express.co.uk: "The most insane one was while in the middle of delivering my twin babies.

How old was Eden in The Middle? ›

After stints on Weeds and the short-lived Sons & Daughters, Sher was cast in The Middle in 2009 when she was 17, and eight years later the show is nearing it's series finale.

Is The Middle coming back on? ›

After ABC confirmed that the ninth season of The Middle would be the last, Devon Ivie of Vulture wrote: "The Middle Is One of TV's Most Underrated Gems", sharing, "I'll miss the midwestern comfort of The Middle tremendously", and enumerating five reasons why readers should give the show a chance to charm them.

What medical condition does brick from The Middle have? ›

New Delhi: Osteogenesis imperfecta or brittle bone disorder is an inherited genetic disorder that causes weak bones that are prone to breaking, loose joints, and many other complications and symptoms. You must have come across this condition through Brick Heck on the infamous sitcom, The Middle.

Does Brick have autism? ›

Brick Heck, played by Atticus Shaffer in the TV show The Middle, is a child with Asperger's syndrome. He is highly intelligent but has difficulty with social interaction. His character has been praised for its accurate portrayal of Asperger's syndrome.

Does brick from The Middle have a disability in real life? ›

How Brick is portrayed on the show is quirky, that the parents have no idea how to deal with him. The only diagnosis that we know of is that he has is Osteogenesis imperfecta Type IV (The actor actually has this disease).

Did Charlie McDermott stop acting? ›

McDermott hasn't been completely absent from acting since the end of "The Middle," popping up later in 2018 in the comedy "Instant Family" as Stewart, a co-worker of Pete, played by Mark Wahlberg.

What is Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle doing now? ›

Since playing the Dewey Malcolm in the Middle character, though, it seems Erik Per Sullivan has quit acting and is living a low-key lifestyle out of the spotlight. Sullivan isn't the only cast member who stopped acting shortly after Malcolm In The Middle either.

Who are Sue Heck's friends on The Middle? ›

Eden Sher as Sue Heck, the middle daughter of Frankie and Mike whose sunny personality tend to make her an object of ridicule, especially by Axl. Despite her best efforts, she is usually unrecognized by teachers and other students. Her best friends are Carly and Brad.

Did Aisha Tyler play Charlie on friends? ›

Moving into acting, Tyler featured in Friends as Dr. Charlie Wheeler,Joey's and then Ross's girlfriend, in the ninth and tenth seasons.

Is Charlie McDermott retired? ›

As of right now Charlie is focusing on his music career. He released several songs like ''Wayside'', ''Bake a Cake'' and ''Butterfingers''. He's been on a Netflix show called ''Unbelievable'' and a horror movie called ''Countdown''. As of right now Charlie is focusing on his music career.

What episode did Charlie McDermott direct? ›

Here he is telling us about his first experience directing Tuesday night's episode, “The Confirmation”… Directing is something I've wanted to do as long as the show's been on.

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